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Seacoast Women's Fitness Members

Our members are an awesome community of women who range in age from 30 to 86 at varying fitness levels. Members who are limited due to current or past injuries/conditions or have not worked out in sometime are welcome and feel at home at Seacoast Women’s Fitness. All of our members, regardless of where on their fitness journey, have found their fitness home at Seacoast Women’s Fitness. You will feel at home here as well.

We are proud of all of our members; women who take time out of their busy day to work on themselves. We believe in you all.

Success Stories

"I decided I needed to make a change when I saw a picture of myself at a work event and realized how unhealthy I looked. I was miserable and tired all the time. I joined Seacoast Women’s Fitness for the small group training. I love the camaraderie of the other members and the personal attention from the trainers. I love my gym time unlike any other gym I have ever belonged to. I’ve been at Seacoast Women’s Fitness for 3 years and it has changed my life. I have so much energy, strength, and confidence. I am down almost 35 pounds and I continue to lose weight, tone, and strengthen. My clothes feel better and I am not afraid to push myself during my workouts. I am so much healthier and happier."
Denise Musto
"My weight had reached its highest ever and I felt lousy. I knew I needed to make some changes and I couldn't do it alone. Seacoast Women's Fitness provided me the perfect combination of nutritional guidance, strength training, cardio and accountability. Six months later, and I have lost 35 pounds, 38% body fat and my cholesterol has dropped 50 points! I feel great and at 50, I'm in the best shape ever."
Kim Fortuna
It’s Just Judy… This scary pandemic has disrupted our lives. My life. I’m fat and out of shape. I have no self-control. I’ve been eating anything and everything and I haven’t been exercising. My osteoarthritis is worse. I feel like I’ve failed me. But now I’m back. Two times a week. One hour at a time. After three sessions I feel physically stronger. My osteoarthritis is less painful. I am in control again. I feel positive. I am committed. I am happy! Think about joining? It’s just for women. The cost is manageable. The benefits are priceless!
Just Judy
I have been going to Seacoast Women’s Fitness for the past 8 plus years. I love the small safe environment and class sizes. We have had many instructors but Adrienne, the present owner, has been the best yet. She makes every workout different and challenging. I have met some wonderful woman at the gym, many who I call my friends. I look forward to my mornings at SWF.
Susanne F


Goal Setter

For you if you are new to fitness, restarting a fitness journey, or want to supplement another workout schedule


Goal Getter

For you if you lead a healthy lifestyle, but want to improve stamina, get stronger, increase joint mobility, or you’ve hit a plateau in your workouts

Goal Crusher

For you if you want more muscle tone, are ready to invest more time into your workouts AND YOURSELF